Journeying Through Krakow’s Historic Old Town


4 stycznia, 2024
From the moment Natalia first introduced me to Wawel Hill, I was enraptured. The heart of Krakow beats strong in this centuries-old landmark, a veritable blend of grandeur, mystery, and power. Looking up at the royal castle, the cathedral, and the breathtaking vistas of the Vistula River, I felt a sense of awe. It’s like diving into a well-written history book – each stone, each wall has a story to tell, echoing a past that seems so tangible yet so distant.

A Stroll Through St. Florian’s Gate and Barbican

Walking through the Old Town, one can hardly miss the remarkable St. Florian’s Gate and Barbican. Natalia led me down her favourite street, Floriańska street, where we glimpsed the distant silhouette of St. Mary’s Basilica. Walking through the gate feels akin to time travel – the modern world gently fading as the city’s storied past takes over. It’s a juncture where history and the present intertwine, resonating a peculiar charm unique to Krakow.
Barbican Kraków

Exploring the Main Square

Emanating from St. Mary’s Basilica, we found ourselves in the Main Square. One of the largest medieval squares in Europe, its sheer size is staggering. With Natalia as my guide, we delved into the bustling Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), a treasure trove of quaint trinkets and souvenirs. We listened to the melodic bugle call from St. Mary’s Basilica tower, a ritual that adds a harmonious note to the everyday bustle of the square.

A Walk Around Planty Park

After a day filled with exploration, we sought refuge in the green haven of Planty Park. This park, a verdant belt encompassing the Old Town, is a peaceful respite from a day of sightseeing. Walking along the park leads you back to St. Florian’s Gate, marking a full circle of our enchanting journey through the historic Old Town. The rich tapestry of history, culture, and breathtaking beauty that envelopes Cracow Old Town is truly unforgettable. As we meandered through cobblestone lanes and gazed at the beautifully preserved buildings, I found a newfound appreciation for this city that Natalia so deeply cherishes. As an Englishman discovering Poland through the eyes of my beloved, I eagerly look forward to uncovering more of Krakow’s hidden treasures.