The Magic of Zakopane and Tatra Mountains


4 stycznia, 2024
From the charming, wooden chalets to the vivacious folk culture, my visit to Zakopane with Natalia was nothing short of magical.

Discovering Tatra Mountain Culture

The Tatra Mountains’ local people, known as the Gorals (pl. Górale), hold an exceptional appeal. Their traditions, spanning across clothing, dance, and song, are very much alive and well, painting the Zakopane atmosphere with a unique blend of pride and warmth. You could feel this vibrant culture pulsating throughout the city. It was evident in the hand-crafted goods that showcased their craftsmanship. We savored the opportunity to participate in local festivals and concerts, mesmerized by the captivating songs and their spirited dances.

The Architectural Aesthetic

Exploring Zakopane’s streets opened a new world of architectural marvels. The characteristic highlander architecture, seen in their vibrantly-colored wooden cottages, was a sight to behold. Every turn revealed tiny stores full of handcrafted souvenirs and local products – tokens of memory we took back home with us.


The adventure begins at Gubałówka Hill. Either by foot or narrow gauge railway, the climb is worth every effort. From the peak, you are treated to stunning views of the Tatra mountains, a picturesque panorama begging to be captured through a lens. Trust me, the camera is a necessity.

Gastronomical Delights

While meandering through Zakopane’s lanes, indulging in the regional delicacies was a must. The city is teeming with local restaurants and bars serving traditional highlander dishes and drinks. Be sure to try the 'oscypek’, a smoked cheese that will bewitch your palate.

Hiking to Morskie Oko

The highlight of our journey was the hike to Morskie Oko, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Tatra Mountains. The trail through mountain paths offered an exquisite connection with nature. The chirping of birds, the rustle of leaves, the whisper of streams, and the smell of the fresh mountain air felt intoxicating. When we reached Morskie Oko, we were greeted by a spectacle of sheer beauty – a lake embraced by rugged mountain tops, mirroring the sky on its clear surface. This tranquil moment of reflection amidst natural beauty was beyond words. Each step we took while exploring the picturesque Tatra landscapes took our breath away. Our journey was a succession of awe-inspiring vistas, charming valleys, and untamed wilderness. The mountains, they hold a kind of magic, and I could feel it. To conclude, Zakopane is not just a place, it’s an experience. It’s a dance with nature and a beautiful peek into the rich Polish culture. If you plan to visit Poland, make sure to add Zakopane to your list. It’s an adventure you won’t forget.