A Stroll Beyond Krakow’s Walls: Unveiling The City’s Nearby Treasures


4 stycznia, 2024
As I continue to explore the fascinating landscape of Poland with Natalia, today I bring to you our favourite spots for walks near the mesmerizing city of Krakow. Every location has its unique allure, and I am thrilled to take you on this virtual tour with us.

Wolski Forest

Away from the hustle of the city, nestled in the lap of nature, lies the Wolski Forest. This locale paints a serene picture where peace whispers in the rustling leaves and quiet trails lead to breathtaking sceneries. Meandering paths give way to encounters with wildlife, an experience that is truly humbling and inspiring.

Niepołomice Castle

Just about 30 kilometers from Krakow, a relic from the 11th century awaits — the Niepołomice Royal Castle. The castle is a window to the past, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the world of knights and princesses. Walking through the ancient halls feels like time travel, a magical experience that is quite unparalleled.


Kościelisko, a charming village tucked in the Tatras, is approximately a two-hour drive from Krakow. The panoramic views, coupled with the tranquility, make it a captivating place for a peaceful walk. The area is brimming with gorgeous forests, hiking trails, and traditional wooden houses. For nature enthusiasts or anyone seeking tranquility, Kościelisko presents a picture-perfect retreat.

Ojców National Park

Located just 20 kilometers from Krakow, the Ojców National Park is another stunning destination for a walk. The park boasts unique rock formations, caves, and a castle, offering both natural beauty and a slice of history. On our stroll, we were captivated by striking rock formations like Hercules’s Club and Deotyma’s Needle. If you appreciate nature’s wonders interwoven with historical threads, this park should not be missed.

Krakow’s Main Square

Last but certainly not least is Krakow’s Main Square, the heart of the city. This location never ceases to enchant us with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. The beautiful buildings, gothic churches, and the iconic Cloth Hall are simply mesmerizing. A stroll around the Square offers an opportunity to explore historical alleys, shop at local stores, and soak in the unique spirit of Krakow. Each of these locations carries its distinct charm and offers a memorable experience. I hope this narrative of our exploration sparks an idea for your future trips. Remember, the world is full of delightful adventures and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.