Savouring Krakow: A Culinary Adventure


2 stycznia, 2024
A journey through Poland, especially Krakow, with my better half Natalia, isn’t complete without a gastronomic tour. Food, after all, forms the heart of any culture. And in Krakow, we found some extraordinary culinary delights that appealed to both our adventurous taste buds and love for traditional flavours.

Polish cuisine

Nestled within the vibrant heart of the Old Town, the Pod Aniołami restaurant became our time machine to a historic era of Polish cuisine. It is a place that pays homage to Polish traditions while serving some of the most mouthwatering dishes I’ve ever tasted. From classic pierogi to a hearty bowl of żurek and the succulent golonka, this restaurant’s menu is like a curated culinary tour of Poland on a plate. The rustic decor, reminiscent of old-world Poland, lends a quaint charm, making each dining experience truly memorable.

Journey to the East at Mandu

Krakow’s culinary scene is not just about Polish cuisine; it embraces flavours from around the globe. Being lovers of oriental cuisine, we were thrilled to stumble upon Mandu. A haven for Korean cuisine, this restaurant quickly rose to the top of our must-visit list. With dishes like the sizzling Korean BBQ, bibimbap, and kimchi that are bursting with flavours, Mandu is a ticket to a foodie’s adventure in Korea. If you’re yet to try Korean cuisine, this place should be your first stop. Trust me, your palate will thank you for the journey.

Relaxing Moments at Camelot Cafe

Every city tour calls for tranquil breaks, and Camelot Cafe proved to be our favourite hideaway. Located near the marketplace, this cafe combines the charm of Krakow with the lure of a refreshing brew. Their coffee – always excellent – provided the much-needed fuel to keep us exploring. And the warm hospitality ensured we felt right at home, even miles away from England.

A Vegan Delight at Glonojad

Embracing the global wave of veganism, Krakow too has its share of plant-based restaurants. And one that caught our fancy is Glonojad. This vegetarian and vegan bar consistently surprises us with its diverse menu, often updated with seasonal delights. If you’re a plant-based food enthusiast or even someone willing to experiment, Glonojad is a must-visit. Their knack for innovating with fresh, local produce never ceases to amaze, and every visit feels like a new culinary adventure. Natalia and I still have many flavours to explore in this vibrant city. But so far, our gastronomic journey in Krakow has been one of rich flavours, culinary creativity, and delicious surprises. I hope this post inspires you to embark on your own culinary adventure in this food lover’s paradise. As we continue to explore, we’ll keep sharing our new favourite spots with you.