About us

I’m Samuel, journeying across Poland alongside my wife, Natalia. Born and raised in England, I now find myself residing in Poland, embracing its culture and exploring its vast landscapes. Together, we’ve embarked on a mission to document our travels through a blog, sharing our experiences, portraying the places we visit, and showcasing the many curiosities we encounter. It brings us immense joy to invite you along as we unravel the beauty of Krakow and its surroundings. Travel is our passion. Each excursion, each new location unveiled by an enthusiastic me, brings us endless joy. We love exploring, encountering new cultures, tastes, and scents. Our travels not only furnish us with knowledge of the country but also experiences which we aim to share with you in our posts.

Our Love – Krakow

Krakow has become our second home. I’m astounded by the city’s rich history, heritage, and its unique spirit. Natalia fell in love with this city, its history, monuments, and its unique spirit. We stay in various parts of the city to better understand its different faces, from the vibrant Old Town to the picturesque corners of Kazimierz. As we stroll its streets, we discover new places and create memories to last a lifetime. During our travels, we strive not just to be ordinary tourists, but guests who seek to understand the city’s true essence. We often engage with the local community and frequent small, local eateries.

Capturing the City’s Spirit

Our travel blog not only aims to share our adventures with you but also to showcase the city’s spirit. We want you to feel the same sense of wonder and love for the places we visit. Through our words, photographs, and stories, we strive to convey our passion and knowledge to you. Traveling for us is not just a pleasant pastime but a means to create unforgettable memories. Each new place, the people we meet, and the emotions we experience leave lasting imprints on our minds. These moments are what drive our desire to travel and explore more. Thank you for joining us on our journey! Samuel and Natalia